eMerging Services

eMerging Services for our valued clients

Meeting your needs is our top priority

At eMerging, Inc. we align qualified IT talent with our clients’ business needs. We provide these services on a: contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire basis across all industries.

Our passion and focus is Information Technology. We assist our clients by finding IT Talent in all skill sets. We attract and hire Infrastructure talent to IT Leadership and everything in between.

As we engage with our clients, we focus on five core things.

  1. Understanding our clients’ business needs – Our staff invests a great deal of time on the front-end of the client relationship to understand our clients’ business needs. We move our relationship to a partnership by meeting with our clients on a regular basis. We stay locked in step and ready when they need us through strong communication and customer service.
  2. Understanding our clients’ business culture – Our clients business needs are not only defined by the resources they are seeking, but also the right culture fit. We spend as much time as possible learning the culture of our clients. We ask detailed questions around what types of resources would thrive at each company. We dig further into culture by learning the culture of each leader and team within those companies.
  3. Aligning qualified IT Talent with our clients – Our staff evaluates IT Talent through the following steps:
    • Whenever possible, we meet with candidates face-to-face
    • Conduct a detailed interview to understand their background and career goals
    • Evaluate the candidate’s skills to understand their strengths and abilities
    • Qualify the candidate to a specific business need
    • Qualify the candidate to the company/team culture
  4. Delivering exceptional customer service – Our staff views exceptional customer service as having thorough knowledge of the clients business, a thorough knowledge of the qualified talent available, and the ability to assist our clients in making the best choices for their staff. Exceptional customer service is being easy to do business with and treating clients with a friendly, helpful attitude.
  5. Providing excellent communication – We define excellent communication as aligning our communication style and frequency to our clients’ preference. This may mean we have a continuous flow of communication with our clients when they have emerging needs and quarterly check-ins when they do not have any needs. We ask our client how they want to communicate with us and we deliver what they ask.